College Age Retreat

This is a relaxed weekend for young adults ages 19-22.

Richard Walton is the director of the College Age Retreat.  Richard is the minister for the New Brighton Church of Christ in New Brighton, PA. 
The hope for the weekend is that it will be an uplifting experience for those who are “too old for Senior Week.”  The weekend is similar in format to a weekend retreat, but with a “Camp Concern flavor” to it.
The College Age Retreat is held Friday evening through Sunday morning, immediately prior to the beginning of Senior Week.


Senior Week

Senior Week is the first full week session. It is for campers 14-18. Keith Wolfgong is the director of Senior Week. He is a member of the New Brighton Church of Christ.

Because of the older ages of the campers, staff members try to create a relaxed atmosphere where spiritual growth and fellowship can flourish.  Daily Bible classes are followed by hour-long discussion groups or activities, where campers have the chance to confront a variety of topics in guided discussions with counselors and teachers. The night-time campfires are especially uplifting and encouraging times, as campers and counselors spend more than an hour in songs of praise and worship to the Lord while sitting in an intimate circle around the fire.

The campers of Senior Week also engage in a variety of sports and activities throughout the day, including games of softball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, football, soccer, and basketball.  Campers compete in various athletic and table game competitions, culminating with an awards ceremony Friday night. 

The most important competition is the Bible Bowl. Each night, campers take a quiz covering designated scriptures and both team and individual trophies are awarded to the highest scorers.

The greatest blessing of Senior Week is that God has worked on the hearts of many throughout the years...with literally hundreds of campers putting on the Lord in baptism at a nearby lake at the park or in our custom-made baptistry.

Secondary Week

Secondary Week is the second full week of Camp Concern.  It is for campers ages 11-13. Mickey Casey is the director. He is a member of the Holiday Park Church of Christ in Plum, PA.

The staff of Secondary Week work to create a powerfully spiritual week.  The campfire is a highlight of the day at camp; a special time when counselors and campers can enjoy intimate, quiet time with the Lord, praising Him in song and devotions.  

Secondary Week campers attend hour-long Bible classes in the morning, centered around a common theme.  Bible classes are followed by special group activities and village devotionals.  These group activities are valuable times of growth and togetherness when campers and counselors can share and learn on a casual level. 

Secondary Week has a few special events that are unique to that week, like a roving art cart!


Junior Week

Junior Week is the final full week in the Camp Concen sessions. It is for our youngest campers, ages 8-10. Mark Hatfield, from the Whitehall Church of Christ, is the director.

Because of the younger ages of the campers, Junior Week operates with a much busier schedule than the other weeks of Camp Concern. Campers participate in Bible classes in the morning, which usually feature a Bible drama of the story for that day’s class.  Teachers work hard to prepare lessons, crafts and applications for this exciting time. Each evening, campers participate in a Bible Bowl with questions from the lesson studied. 

During the afternoon, boys and girls participate in Bible learning activities (usually involving water) and team and individual sports competitions. A craft hall is also open during the afternoon, where campers can make a variety of fun crafts.

We hope the week is a lot of fun for campers, but our greatest prayer for Junior Week is that we show the love of God to the children whom God puts in our hands.